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Thanks to Net Galley, I was able to read an advanced copy of this novel which will be published in June.

Jane Green is an author I have been reading for many years. Her stories are lighthearted chick lit and The Sunshine Sisters follows the vein of chick-lit, but her subject matter has gotten a little heavier. Luckily, everything works out in the end – as one would expect in a Jane Green novel.

The Sunshine sisters – Nell, Meredith and Lizzy – grew up with an actress mother, Ronni Sunshine, who was self-centered, materialistic and who could be cruel, especially to her daughters. After their difficult childhoods, they each move away from their mother and their sisters. Suddenly, they are all summoned back to their mother’s home and shockingly, they all go.

While there, they learn that their mother is dying and that she wants to connect the three of them in her last days before an assisted suicide. The sisters all go through grief and anger, but also seem to grow and reflect on the mistakes they have each made in their relationships and lives.


Nell was a young mother who has never opened herself up to romance and works hard to maintain the farm she worked at and eventually inherited.

Meredith is an accountant in London who has buried her artistic talents and is engaged to the dull and controlling Derek.

Lizzy a successful entrepreneur who is married to James and has a young son, but who has also been having an affair with her business partner.

By the time the novel ends and Ronni Sunshine decides to end her life on her terms, the sisters have re-bonded and face their uncertain futures together.