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Wow. Just wow. I just finished Love Warrior and I am left speechless.  Love Warrior is a memoir from Glennon Doyle Melton detailing her life and marriage, but it is so much more than just a memoir. It is a song to every woman who has struggled with a feeling of not being enough and for those who have accepted the voice of society telling us to stay small.

I had followed Melton’s blog (Momastery)  for a long time and on the periphery I knew her story — the story that her marriage crumbled, that she went back on forth on staying or leaving and that so many of her followers felt it was their right to tell her what to do. And all the while, I saw a woman struggling with making the right choice for herself and her family with grace and openness in the spotlight. With Love Warrior she opens the door even wider to talk about what she learned about herself through that experience and the process of  reuniting her mind, body and spirit. She talks about the journey that lead her to her marriage to Craig and the “representative” self she shows to the world because early she received the message that her true self was too messy for the world.

Her honesty and willingness to share her individual experience as a way of helping all women is commendable. She does it all with amazing eloquence and golden nuggets of advice.29215173

Take the starting lines of three paragraphs in one section:

“My imagination is a jack-in-the-box”

“My depression is a dark, dense fog.”

“My grief is a solid brick wall in front of me.”

Or this:

“Growing up is an unbecoming. My healing has been a peeling away of costume after costume until her I am, still and naked and unashamed before God, stripped down to my real identity.”

This book would benefit many women and there are so many facets of the story that even if you don’t like one particular part, you are sure to find something else that resonates.