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I was introduced to Brene Brown a few years ago while in grad school and I have to say, it was life-changing. Brown is a social worker (go social workers!) and takes an approach to her research that is familiar and digestible. I quickly read I Thought It Was Just Me and later The Gifts of Imperfection and was inspired and implemented changes in my life. It helped that I was already making a major career change, but I also found myself thinking and reacting to vulnerability and shame in a different way.

In 2013 I took an online workshop based on The Gifts of Imperfection which expanded my art journaling practice. Last year, I read Daring Greatly and it seemed that Brown was really finding her stride in writing about her research and working to help people make actionable changes in their lives. For a super-fan like me, I felt it was a little repetitive, but knew it was a great tutorial for so many people. I dream of getting trained in Brown’s Daring Way curriculum for therapists/social workers/counselors.

Given my penchant for loving everything that Brown does and how she responds to 23317538challenges (see her response to Cadillac who introduced a marketing campaign which also used Roosevelt’s daring greatly quote), I was thrilled to received an advanced copy of Rising Strong, her latest book due out next month, through NetGalley.

The focus of Rising Strong is how to respond when you have dared and failed and are face down in the arena. Brene gives concrete ideas and steps to get up and keep going.

I will put it straight – I LOVED Rising Strong. It was actionable. It was helpful. It was honest and funny. I wanted to devour each page. I highlighted and made notes. I want to share it all with you, but then this would be a ridiculously long review, so I will just suggest that you go out and read it.

If you are not familiar with Brown’s work, I suggest starting with Daring Greatly. Hell, I think you should read everything from Brown (you can go to http://brenebrown.com/ to get started). Watch her Ted Talks. Read her blog. Get her books.

If everyone read them and implemented her ideas, I feel like the world would be a better place and people more kind and understanding of each other and that together we would all Dare Greatly and Rise Strong.