I forget who first recommended Gone Girl to me, but I read it before most of the hype and before there was a movie with Hollywood A-listers in the works. I started it with interest and enthusiasm, which quickly faded. Maybe I am too serious when I read. Maybe I’m too uptight, but I hated these characters. I hated every fictional breath they took and every made up hair on their head. I hated who they were and what they did to each other and that they got the attention of the media. The world is full of good people working their asses off to make it through the day, through the week, till the end of the month when the check comes in. And meanwhile, I was coming home and reading about Amy and Nick and their horrible, mean behavior.


I checked Goodreads and I read this in December 2012. My mother died of cancer in November of 2012. It makes even more sense that I was exhausted and irritated reading about people (even fictional) who are self-indulgent and horrid after watching my mother fade away. It made me think about all the awful people in the world and why they aren’t the ones with cancer or why they aren’t the ones who die in car accidents.   I know most people are not ALL bad, but due to Gillian Flynn’s imagination I spent 395 pages with two that were ALL bad and I wish I could have that time back.

In my Goodreads entry, I gave it 3 stars. WHAT? Why was I so generous or has my opinion worsened over time? Or is it that it got so much hype and a million dollar movie deal? I’m not sure, but I do know that I refused to see the movie even though it was a great “dark comedy.” Wait, it was supposed to be satire? I missed that completely or maybe it’s my sensitivity and when I read I want to learn about people and their lives. Make that about good people or maybe good humans is better. Humans with flaws who aren’t mean and hurtful. I see enough of that in the real world.